Product Design

Nurturing relationships and growing people with a SMS message on Gloo App

Helping to improve the quality of the conversations will help build trusted relationships with people reaching out for help.

Feature development for the texting tool in Gloo App

My Role

From 2022-2023 I was the lead designer for the texting application in Gloo App. During this time I drove the efforts to improve the conversations in the app, with existing and new people texting into the number. I worked closely with other designers to ensure consistency across the Gloo App ecosystem.

Research & Testing

On top of performing basic landscape research during design iterations, I worked with external researchers to help with testing when time constraints were present.

Feature Strategy & Vision

I created frameworks, schemas, and prototypes to visualize the vision, design goals and theme strategy. This helped to visualize ideas, create alignment and drive decision-making with stakeholders.

Customer Insights & Ideation

I designed iteratively designed each feature, based on learnings surfaced by User Testing, Customer Success, DI and Full Story metrics. I monitored user sessions of people interacting with the feature to determine stickiness and the next steps.

Design Execution and Validation

I partnered with the Product Owner and Solution Owner to refine requirements and how to release them in increments to test our hypothesis early and often.

Due to a recent marketing effort, organizations are matched with people reaching out for support through SMS messages.


Empower the Admins

People reaching out for help is a big responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. Not all administrators will be experts on the topics discussed, so how might we empower admins to respond to topics they are less familiar with and set them up for success?

A little faster, please.

With an upcoming event, the business requested a faster release of this feature. Working together with development I collaborated on a lighter version to accommodate for the limiting time constraint — this also allows for faster learning.

Visual Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform: eBook How to make social media channels work for you
Conversation Prompts - Concept state of the feature exploring the different states and methods how to discover prompts

The Release Plan

This feature will be released iteratively, allowing us the test viability of the feature quickly.

Lite Release

This iteration will feature limited topics, one content type and basic filtering functionality.

Expand Topics

Allow more topics to be added based on conversation topics actively discussed in conversations.

Prompt Discoverability

Allow admin to easily find prompts by content type, topic, author or by searching the keyword.


Conversation Prompts

With a limiting time constraint Conversation Prompts is introduced in a minimal viable approach without sacrificing the user experience of the feature.

Adjusted UI

For this quick iteration the conversation prompts are presented in a modal versus the preferred on page integration.

UI adjustment for the conversation prompts feature

Limited Topics

With a limited amount of content, basic filtering will suffice and will allow the admin to easily find the appropriate prompt.

Prompt discovery adjustment for the conversation prompts feature


Conversation Prompts Lite

While we monitor the usage of the feature for issues, we are also looking to see what the most common prompt topics are to drive content strategy for the business.

The initial release for Conversation Prompts on production

What's Next?

Would you like to know more?

Curious about some of my findings, feature stickyness in different environments, or my exploration work for conversation management?