Growing a subscriber base with the platform's Video on Demand themes

Intelivideo is a Video on Demand platform that helps content owners sell their content to their customer base.

In 2016 the platform makes the shift in focus from transactional sales to a subscription based sales model, resulting in a big change for the themes on the Denver based VOD platform.

Website Theme Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform



My Involvement

UX Research,
User Testing & Analysis,
Visual Design,
Performance Monitoring,
Feedback Gathering,
Stakeholder Collaboration,
Theme Strategy,
ADA Compliance,
Code Implementation (HTML/CSS, liquid)


Web-based Browser (Responsive)


Extensive research and customer feedback uncovered three primary problems with adding subscription support the existing themes

Too Rigid

Themes have their own unique structure making the adding of features to these themes cumbersome.

Too Slow

Theme design and development is outsourced and it takes 6-9 months to create a new theme.

Too Custom

They are designed for a specific client making them hard to retro-fit for the other clients.

The Opportunity

How might we make Intelivideo themes adaptable, lean and flexible?


Research's primary key findings are turned into goals for the theme redesign to solve for.

Too Rigid

Adding new features to the themes should be easy, and they should require little maintenance.

Too Slow

New themes should be produced in-house and we want to release more themes more often.

Too Custom

They are designed for a specific client making them hard to retro-fit for the other clients.


How might we make it easier to add new features to themes retro-actively?

The existing theme structures have little in common making it cumbersome to add new features to them. Instead, new themes are developed with a standardized structure reducing the learning curve and making the implementation of new features easy.

Visual Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform: eBook How to make social media channels work for you
Visualization of the difference in legacy theme structures driving the Information Architecture Redesign process
Proposed theme IA based on content purchase types for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Proposed theme architecture for different purchase types, tVOD, sVOD and tVOD + sVOD


How might we create more themes in less time?

Research what pages are crucial to maintain the theme's uniqueness and which ones are not. Regulate common pages into a master theme structure and reduce development time.

Master theme structure accounts for new and existing purchase options, delivery preferences and library sizes, while making the user experience consistent

Theme varieties of the sVOD Summit theme Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Mobile first design exploration for content pages, purchasing and account management


How might we make a theme represent a client's brand and preferences well?

An audit of active clients on the platform shows that 97% sells fitness inspired content.

Who might the client be using the sVOD theme?

Different client archetypes varieties of the Denver based Video On Demand platform
The platform's user archetypes based on current client base and marketing leads

What happens to the current themes?

Current themes will be deprecated in an asynchronous process:

  1. Stabilize existing themes
    Fix crucial bugs in legacy themes and freeze theme
  2. Structure landscape research
    Explore user needs, flows and architecture design requirements
  3. Define structure
    Theme architecture accommodates different price model variations, library sizes and access restrictions
  4. Design new themes
    Supporting all sale types to create more theme options for clients to chose from. This will allow them to move off legacy themes.
  5. Retire legacy themes
    Move existing clients off of legacy themes.


Content Owner forward

Allow the content-owner and their brand to be on the forefront. Easy to personalize, flexible pricing, product and delivery type options.

Theme varieties of the sVOD Summit theme Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Summit Theme - Visual prototypes of the theme illustrating the options of the personalization

Build to Convert

Themes with a clear focus to help the content owner to grow their Video on Demand business and build a subscriber base.

Breakdown of the marketing sections on the sVOD Volt theme for the Denver based Video On Demand platform
Illustration of the Volt theme sections designed to help the content owner build a subscriber base.

Powerful and Adaptable

Flexible enough to be the delivery page, powerful enough to be a stand-alone website, built to create a deep sense of loyalty with their subscribers. Switching between themes is easy with the consistent asset requirements.

Responsive VOD theme design for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Themes are designed mobile first and practice graceful degradation

Good, Better, Best.

Each theme is designed as a prototype, and is an improvement based on learnings from customer feedback on the previous theme.

Iterative Theme Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Iterative theme sVOD theme design


Measurable Results

From all the themes it is the newer VOLT theme is a theme that converts much higher than all the other themes, the older Summit theme converts the lowest. Research states average e-commerce conversion rates to be between 1% ‐ 2%*, which sets the benchmark at 2%+ conversion rate.

3.35% Avg. conversation for the Volt theme

8 New themes released since 2016

~75% Reduction in development time for themes

Heatmap tracking with PureBarre on the Volt theme for Denver based Video On Demand platform
Heatmap tracking with PureBarre content on the Volt theme

Some of our wonderful clients that have trusted Intelivideo themes to grow their VOD subscriber base are:

Title Boxing Club on Demand logo
Jazzercise logo
Physique57 logo
PureBarre on Demand logo

Last updated February 2021.

What's Next?

Would you like to know more?

Curious about some of my findings, the theme that missed the mark overall theme conversions and what my next steps would be?