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Infographic Inspired White Paper

As an effort to educate content owners new to the Video on Demand space on Social Media this white paper breaks down how you can Social Media as a low cost marketing tool.

Besides the design of the white paper and most its assets, I also lead the direction towards the science theme.

(Really) breaking down the science of social media.

Though Social Media is often seen as free access to potential customers, how would clients go about using these channels strategically for their business? What are the differences between these platforms, and which one gives them access to the type of customer they are trying to reach?

My goal with this white paper was to allow readers to easily scan the content for the information they are looking for. This illustrated eBook compares the biggest networks side by side highlighting their key differences, such as average age of users, the number of users and it explains the terminology per platform.

Visual Design for Denver based Video On Demand platform: eBook How to make social media channels work for you