About Me

I am a Dutch Creative Designer based in Louisville, Colorado. I design and develop identities, promotional materials and produce hand-coded clean, usable websites.

I turned my early years of drawing in class into a Graphic Design degree at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam ('03), where I was taught the perfect blend of old-school print design with no room for error and mandatory perfection alongside all the possibilities and excitement of interactive media.

My minimal style, Dutch work ethics and standards blend in nicely with the American desire for innovation and technology. As a Graphic / Website Designer I have worked with big international companies, small non-profit organizations, Advertising Agencies and Web Development Companies, on B2C and B2B projects.

I always look for new ways to make things work and always work to improve the quality of my code. My primary goal is to give my client a good looking website that is easy to navigate, running on lean code and quality programming.